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Afrin - IMPOSSIBLE CAP! 1 of 1 people found it helpful
I purchased 3 bottles of the 12 hour nasal spray -- 1 for work, 1 for home, and 1 for my son. NONE of these bottles will open.... I have used Afrin for years, and find it used to be way better than any prescription. But, with no way to open them, they are worthless. Why don't we have a choice of caps? You do on prescription drugs from a pharmacy. This sucks!! All it does when pressing down on the cap is compress the neck into the bottle,...
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I liked
  • Product works great if you can get it out of the bottle
I didn't like
  • Terrible new caps
  • Cap just turns and clicks even when pressing down


Paramedics said next time I get a nosebleed, spray nose with Afrin. I bought a bottle next day at Walmart. Have now tried for 3 hours to get the *** top off....following instructions. Frustrating. Even went on internet for options on how to open. Nothing wrong with hands/fingers. Unbelievable. It's like throwing money at Afrin company with nothing in return. NEVER will buy this again. And I will let paramedic know of he can let...
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I didn't like
  • New bottle caps are impossible to open
  • Cannot open the bottle
  • Cap
I hope who ever invented that cap, has a cold and can't open the spray! I thought I had broken the first one I couldn't open, so I got a second one..... Same Thing!. Now I have to packages that I can open. Hello marketing? Your sales must be dropping because although you have a good product, you can't get to it. Who ever it was did not try their invention before getting it to market! IT'S REALLY BAD! Finally got some plyers and plyed it open...
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